About Us

G4 Insights Inc. produces clean, low cost renewable natural gas (RNG) from lignocellulosic biomass utilizing its PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation (PCH) technology. G4 technology delivers significantly higher energy conversion and lower capital intensity compared to other RNG producers.

Renewable natural gas is produced on a distributed basis in forestry regions and wheeled to end users through existing natural gas pipelines. The gas is useable in all applications such as power generation, transport fuel, heating, and chemical feedstock. Key markets for G4 RNG are renewable power generation in existing natural gas combined cycle power plants and and green transportation fuel (CNG/LNG). Renewable power generation using G4 RNG enables fully dispatchable power at lower cost than wind or solar alternatives, with no operational changes whatsoever.

G4 Insights intends to develop, own and operate large scale RNG production plants with local partners. The main input is wood waste such as sawmill waste, slash, thinnings, and hog fuel. The small commercial plant size is 450GJ/day output of methane. This plant requires 36 dry tonnes/day of wood and is well suited to small forest operations in suburban sites and remote communities and islands. The large commercial plant will produce 10,000 GJ/day and is suited to locations near commercial forestry operations. The large plant is suitable for colocating with larger sawmill operations and processes 750 dry tonnes/day of wood residue.

The PCH technology is based on a novel low temperature process. It is not a gasification/methanation process which heats biomass into syngas (H2 and CO) and then converts the syngas to methane. The G4 process coverts pyrolyzed biomass directly into methane. This unique process eliminates the generation of polyaromatics and minimizes tar formation.

Current development of the technology is in the process demonstration phase and G4 core processes have achieved high levels of commercial target performance.

G4 is based in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The G4 management team consists of Matt Babicki and Edson Ng.

Edson has over 30 years experience in technology related sales, marketing, and business development. At G4, Edson is responsible for business development, market intelligence, and commercialization strategies. His experience includes roles at Pathway Industries Inc. (Engineering and manufacturing job shop) as Principal and Co-owner, QuestAir Technologies Inc. (Gas separation equipment) as Director of Sales and Marketing, Creo Inc. (Digital prepress equipment) as Product Manager, Aztek Technologies Inc. (Business software) as Director and Vice President, and IBM Canada (Computer hardware, software, services) as Sales and Marketing Representative. Edson has a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Alberta and holds designations as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Matt has over 25 years experience in technology research and product development including several successful multi-million dollar programs in partnership with major industrial gas and energy companies. At G4, Matt is responsible for operations, engineering design, systems integration, and project management. His experience includes roles at Pathway Industries Inc. (Engineering and manufacturing job shop) as Principal and Co-owner, Toyo Pumps (Industrial pump equipment packager) as President and COO, QuestAir Technologies Inc. (Gas separation equipment) as a founder and Principal Engineer. Matt has a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Alberta, a B.Sc. Physics degree from University of British Columbia, and a Professional Engineer designation.