Renewable energy developments have traditionally focused on renewable power generation and renewable liquid fuels which displace the use of coal and petroleum. Another major fossil fuel is natural gas which supplies 23% of the world energy requirements and 33% of fossil natural gas is used for power generation. Other uses for fossil natural gas include space heating, industrial heat source, and as a chemical feedstock.

G4 is developing and commercializing a proprietary PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation (PCH) process to produce a renewable drop-in replacement for fossil natural gas. G4 PCH is a low temperature thermochemical process that enables large scale, economic production of renewable natural gas (RNG) from lignocellulosic biomass. G4 RNG can be produced on a distributed basis in forestry regions and delivered to end users through existing natural gas pipelines. The G4 RNG can be used in any unmodified natural gas equipment, appliance, vehicle, industrial process, or power generator. The G4 technology can also produce green hydrogen instead of RNG output.